It’s great to have royalty free background music for making videos.  This tune is geared to a comedic playful fun scene that is perfect for a lot of video projects.


“Sneaky Comedy” is a fun and playful upbeat royalty free background track for commercial videos, presentation, pranks, vines, games, product advertising, film trailer, funny slide show, kids & children media, documentary, Youtube clip or even TV spot.
The music is performed by string ensemble, percussion, hammer dulcimer and gamelan. It has a lot of subtle cinematic background tension, which is created by many additional instrumental layers and sneaky melodies.
The arrangement and patterns of this music instrumental can also remind a listener of some comic & stealth moments from famous animation, drama, spy, comedy, detective or thriller movie series, such as “Pink Panther”, “The Castle”, “The Mentalist” or “Dexter”.


follow the music – https://www.youtube.com/c/Unc0




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