Tasty chicken tacos and crispy French fries

Chicken and Taco recipe that is a wonderful blend of sweet and spicy created right before you. #cookingrecipes #camdocewalker #foodies #cooking #foodnetwork #chickenrecipes #foodlover Recipe developer and author, Candice Walker, shares …

How to cook Sunday brunch Chef Penny

Do you love cooking? Well so do I, and this episode of Penny Davidi preparing a wonderful brunch recipe is pure delight.  So take a moment and watch Chef Penny cook …

Music for Sleep Soothing Relaxation

Are you struggling for a good nights rest?  Getting the proper sleep your body requires?  This soothing sleep music can help your brain relax and find that restful sleep you require …


#civics #mobilegames #games #gamer #politics #simulationgames

US Presidential Election 2020 is lately looking more and more like a bizarre simulation, even with Trump’s defeat and Biden being announced the next president of the United States.

In this video, we show you some of the best political video games of 2020, that can let you become the winner of the White House yourself.

NoodleShot – https://youtube.com/channel/UCd-OYzAIKz-DJvcCa2VdyTg

NoodleShot is a new YouTube gaming channel that is made by a bunch of creatives that love games and want to create a community of like-minded people.

We are currently trying to increase the number of subscribers and views, so we can focus on what we love the most – gaming. Once we are bigger, we also want to introduce motion capture, the technology used in video games, to regular people. We want to give voices to animators, performers, engineers – those in the gaming industry that are often forgotten or omitted.



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