Understanding the Real Estate buying process

Would you like to get into real estate investing but never got started because every time you watch a Youtube video or listen to a podcast, you have no clue on …

Beats produced weekly Start here

#music #soul #hiphop #trap #newartist #beats A instrumental beat video inspired by trap soul hip hop singers Ella Mai and Sza. I produce beats weekly and lease then for free or …

One of the BEST chakra clearing Ive experienced

#chakrahealing #energyhealing #spiritualawakening There are seven powerful energy systems throughout your body that shape who we are. Each chakra holds an individual energy, yet each chakra works together with the others …


Are you struggling for a good nights rest?  Getting the proper sleep your body requires?  This soothing sleep music can help your brain relax and find that restful sleep you require for the solid nights rest.

The struggle to sleep

If your struggling to sleep and need to find away to combat the lack of sleep your getting.  Turning away from sleep aids this soothing calming sleep music could be a useful tool to help you in your struggle to gain a more restful sleep.

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24/7 Positive Vibe Music – 528Hz Deep Healing Positive Meditation Music You Can Listen To All Day, Can be used for focus, healing, yoga, relaxation or anything you desire. Enjoy your beautiful day. Have a great day!

This channel uploads copyright free music to the people of the world to spread positivity, boldness, peace to the people of the world.

Meditation music has been proved as an excellent way for one to regain energy. This gives a person the courage to face tough situations boldly. The music will ensure you face your fears.

This will imply improved shape through the toning of the mind and the body. The positive energy will be felt after the stress is removed from the physiology. Meditation music will gear up your body for the ultimate work out experience.

The 528 Hz frequency, when used in music, is nice to the ears, brighter, softer, and beautiful. The untrained ears will rarely get to notice the difference, but the difference will be felt.



A good nights rest

Restful Sleep



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