How to block negativity

Are you struggling with negative thoughts that are holding you back and may be even toxic people.  Have you taken the time to look into ways to get your mind thinking …

Are bonds more secure then Stocks?

#financialeducation #moneymatters #finance #financialfreedom #stocks How do Bonds work?  Are bonds better than Stocks? Are you investing Money if so do you know what Bonds are?    Learn about Bonds in …

Join Julia as she assists Guided Meditation

#mediation #chakra #yOGA #guidedmeditation The Rainbow Body is our multi-dimensional energetic body. As light, the holographic layers of the rainbow body appear in the colors of the rainbow – chakra colors. …


I want to interview you about your military service and your vehicle, share your experiences and your great


Let me share your military story, whether you are active duty, a veteran or retired, let me share your

story and your vehicle’s story!!

This channel is designed to showcase military members, past and present. It is a platform for them to show

off their cars or trucks or whatever and discuss their service to the county.


Another great way to thank a Sailor is to watch their interview 



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