I’ve Failed Over and Over Again in My Life. That Is Why I Succeed

#motivation #inspiration #successmindset #growthmindset #careergoals #lifegoals #successtips #basketball #sports #athletes#mj23 #winningmindset Michael Jordan, often referred to as the greatest basketball player of all time, is not just celebrated for his athletic …

Betray My Loyalty, Can’t Come Back: BigWhoaaa’s Rap

#rap #whoaaa #realwhoaaa #speakingofwhoaaa #Thuggyino #upandcoming #realwhoaarecordsllc #newrap #music #realhiphop #bars #newmusic #rapmusic #indieartist #rapnews #newrapper Indie Rapper Bigwhoaaa Music: PYH (diss) In this video you’re going to see the artist …

Clear Your Head with Bedtime Meditation Rhythms

#meditation #yoga #mindfulness #calm #mindfulness #meditationmusic #musicforstudying #relaxationmusic #yogamusic #meditationtime #MindfulMonday #calmingmusic Welcome Everyone To Peaceful Relaxation..! Our calming music is useful for yoga for beginners, yoga exercises, yoga chants influenced …


Are your headlights showing the effects of age? Have they become stained or cloudy? Are they affecting your night driving visibility? Don’t let bad headlights put you and your car in danger. The PowerBall 4Lights Headlight Restoration kit is the easy and quick way to turn old, clouded, stained headlights into fully-functioning crystal-clear lighting for your car. The Headlight Restoration kit is easy to use—all you need is the cleaning fluid, the PowerBall drill head, a power drill, and a soft microfiber or terrycloth towel. Just a few passes of the drill will clear the headlight, eliminating the need for tedious and tiring hand-buffing. Just put the product on the drill, put it on the headlight with a back-and-forth overlapping motion of the drill, then wipe with the cloth. Turning the drill at an angle for a few passes will shine the headlights faster. To maintain and protect the shine and clarity of the headlight lens, re-apply the product monthly.

Why is it so important to clean your lenses? Stained or clouded headlights can reduce visibility, causing a security issue for night driving. Headlight lenses that have been allowed to accumulate build-up will absorb or reflect light from the bulb and allow an increasingly smaller percentage of the light to shine on the road. This decreases visibility and limits the range the light will spread. Therefore, you will not be able to see objects as quickly and your reaction time when objects become visible decreases. Using the Powerball 4Lights kit will eliminate waste and buildup on your headlights, leaving them clear and letting the correct amount of light through once again. It will let the light shine forward and give you more time to react to oncoming hazards, whether they be deer, other cars, or sudden turns in the road. Take care of your car and it will take care of you, and in this case, taking care of your car includes taking care of its headlights. Use the PowerBall 4Lights Headlight Restoration kit and get your headlights shiny and clean again.



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