Music for Sleep Soothing Relaxation

Are you struggling for a good nights rest?  Getting the proper sleep your body requires?  This soothing sleep music can help your brain relax and find that restful sleep you require …

Full Scale model kit Build

#modelmaker #modelmaking #scalemodel #scale #scalemodels How To Brush Paint A Model Tank, a step by step guide to painting your first scale model tank. Using only the paints and brush for …

Mask kicked us out of house MineCrafts

Some sick loot from cake to lots of things you just have to have in MineCraft. Enjoy the gameplay. #gaming #pcgaming #minecraft #minecraftserver #gameplay #gamer #videogaming I continue playing on the …


Are you struggling with negative thoughts that are holding you back and may be even toxic people.  Have you taken the time to look into ways to get your mind thinking correctly?   The mind is a powerful muscle and it is said you can even create a new reality with your own change in thoughts.   Explore more with this authors video.

#mindset #success #successfulmindset #financialfreedom #negativitybegone #negativeenergy
In this video, I talk about blocking negative energy from others by utilizing the BRT method. The BRT method is my own method that was created through personal experience, extensive research, and trial and error. This method has been monumental for me and the select few of which I have shared it with. In the video, I specifically go over the blocking component of the BRT method. So, if you are dealing with negative people that literally drain the zest of life out of you, then this video is for you. Also, Learn how powerful the mind is, and how we can use it as leverage to help prevent many unwanted factors of life. Many individuals are oblivious to the sheer power that the brain holds. This video will help motivate and inspire individuals to maintain a positive mindset in regard to physical goals, fitness, and health.

It is often hard to do things yourself so do not forget to subscribe to the mind channel and consider searching for counselors to help you explore your mind better.

Self Improvement
Dealing with low self esteem
Dealing with negativity


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