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When you need the news and you want it a little funnier you want Sean Akari, from AkariTime

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Disney is thinking outside the box, by making you stand in one.

The Viral Kingdom opened in Shanghai showing what it will be like to visit theme parks in the future.

This represents Disney’s boldest experiment to date, since casting Johnny Depp as the  kung fu drunken boxing mascara-wearing pirate, Jack Sparrow.

Check out new attractions like Pete’s Golden Shield or Mickey’s House of Villains – where a vast network of surveillance cameras constantly monitor guests’ every movement.
By Sean Akari

Did you know that Shanghai Disneyland is opening to Guests?
Learn how they are reopening Disneyland and what you may see!

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LA County Beaches


Oh oh. Please, everybody, don’t ruin this. Buy a mask and bring it to the beach. I’m serious. Wearing a mask is a small favor to ask. Just ask this couple, they had tons of fun on their cruise in March. See?]   (Family Graphic)

There’s actually a lot getting “reopened” in LA county now – me personally, I could really go for a haircut. Even curbside.

Speaking of fashionable hair, Germany’s top-level soccer league – the Bundesliga has reopened, making it the first major sports league in the world to return.

It’s funny that major sports like the NBA and MLB are at a halt, because sports like Nascar, WWE, and UFC are moving forward.

The NBA desperately needs a conclusion and Dana White has set a great example here. Fight Island is expected to be up and running in the near future.
The only thing more American than profiting from bloodshed,
[is moving things offshore to further avoid scrutiny. ]

Nearly 200 goats escape quarantine and take over San Jose Streets.


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