Dungeons and Dragons powered by 3D Printing

#3printing #tabletopgames #paintingwarhamme #warhammercommunity #hobby #miniature Is resin printing worth your money? I take a look at the Creality Halot One resin printer to see if you should drop a moderate …

Cooking tips on making the best gravy

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Cinematically themed Ambient Mix

#music #ambientmusic #studymusic #sleepmusic #Cinematicmusic #lo-fi Relaxing Ambient Music with a movie like tone, Welcome to the Dead Fields. Relax within the rolling hills of blood daisies and stare up into …


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£70 for a game? Has the world gone mad? With a new console generation well underway, we will all have to become accustomed to higher costs of games at launch.

But that doesn’t mean you have end up priced out of playing the latest jewel from your favourite developers. Today we bring you a list of tips and tricks to play the latest games with a limited budget.

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The price of brand new games has increased noticeably in the last year, and the barrage of great expensive games coming out at once might leave you feeling overwhelmed and deprived. Luckily, thanks to technology, the rise of the second-hand market, and your friends at Noodleshot always out to save you a buck, gaming is, in fact, more accessible and affordable than ever.

Renting is without doubts the cheapest and easiest way to try out the latest games. It also allows you to be more adventurous and play games that you might have never played due to their mixed reviews. Much like with Netflix: having an entire library of entertainment for a flat fee means you are more likely to take chances and venture outside of your comfort zone.

Getting a physical copy of a game, and a secondhand at that, is another cost-effective option, and they can be ordered and delivered to your door from the comfort of your self-isolation capsule.



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