Dungeons and Dragons powered by 3D Printing

#3printing #tabletopgames #paintingwarhamme #warhammercommunity #hobby #miniature Is resin printing worth your money? I take a look at the Creality Halot One resin printer to see if you should drop a moderate …

Cooking tips on making the best gravy

#cookingshows #cooking #foodies #kitchenaids #kitchengagets #howtocook In this video created by Ovente Housewares featuring Chef Penny Davidi, she teaches us some awesome gravy making tips using all Ovente appliances. Chef Penny …

Cinematically themed Ambient Mix

#music #ambientmusic #studymusic #sleepmusic #Cinematicmusic #lo-fi Relaxing Ambient Music with a movie like tone, Welcome to the Dead Fields. Relax within the rolling hills of blood daisies and stare up into …


Did you know there are people who actually making money off slots?  That you can win against the casino and the slot machine.

The person who made the video used to work for casinos. Has a vast knowledge of the workings of slot machines. Plays slot machines and uses the knowledge he obtained in the industry to better his slot play. The video and channel is about my slot play adventures wins/losses fun and travel.



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