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In this video created by Ovente Housewares featuring Chef Penny Davidi, she teaches us some awesome gravy making tips using all Ovente appliances. Chef Penny is a renowned Chef, known for her time on hit foodie television shows like Food Network Star and Chopped All Stars who has partnered with Ovente to share her tips and tricks in the kitchen.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up around the corner, now is the best time to start preparing for the big feast. To make or break your Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll want to make the perfect gravy. To make a delicious gravy, Chef Penny starts by cooking her turkey, then uses the pan drippings that are left behind, adds a little bit of flour, white white, and butter; some lime zest, and then whichever herbs you like to use. The best way to mix everything together and get rid of all the lumps is to use Ovente’s Immersion Hand Blender. Next, once your gravy is ready, you can keep it warm all night in Ovente’s handy Gravy Warmer. With these tips and tools, we hope you have the most amazing holiday season yet.

Check out our Immersion Hand Blender here

How to keep Gravy warm, gravy warmer here

This article – Cooking tips on making the best gravy

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Cooking Tips

How to Make the best homemade gravy

Making Gravy for the Holidays

Thanksgiving Gravy recipes


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