Dungeons and Dragons powered by 3D Printing

#3printing #tabletopgames #paintingwarhamme #warhammercommunity #hobby #miniature Is resin printing worth your money? I take a look at the Creality Halot One resin printer to see if you should drop a moderate …

Cooking tips on making the best gravy

#cookingshows #cooking #foodies #kitchenaids #kitchengagets #howtocook In this video created by Ovente Housewares featuring Chef Penny Davidi, she teaches us some awesome gravy making tips using all Ovente appliances. Chef Penny …

Cinematically themed Ambient Mix

#music #ambientmusic #studymusic #sleepmusic #Cinematicmusic #lo-fi Relaxing Ambient Music with a movie like tone, Welcome to the Dead Fields. Relax within the rolling hills of blood daisies and stare up into …


When you hear about something called the “Drumstick Tree”, your first impression might be to think of a turkey or a rock band. But the Moringa (Oleifera) Tree, a native of the ancient Himalayan mountains in Asia, is now being taken seriously by many western cultures for its nutrient-rich benefits.

Its more popular name, the “Miracle” or “Never Die” tree, is testament to the amazing effects of its leaf on its devotees who are now calling it the most nutritious superfood in the world.Besides the stratospheric levels of vitamins, minerals, and protein, these tiny leaves have high

When artfully ground into a fine powder, it is known to give people almost a supernatural ability for bioavailability to give the body what it is craving for vital health.sufferers to recover from illness and to come alive to become the best versions of themselves. But the real question is: what might moringa do for YOU?

It’s hard to tell, with every person’s body being different . The great news, however, is that moringa leaf powder, being so broad spectrum in its attributes, has something for EVERYONE. So let’s take a tour of ten top advantages of using moringa leaf powder and see why some medical doctors are even HIDING the existence of these benefits from their patients.

Remember to consult with a doctor before making major health changes



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