Dungeons and Dragons powered by 3D Printing

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Cooking tips on making the best gravy

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Cinematically themed Ambient Mix

#music #ambientmusic #studymusic #sleepmusic #Cinematicmusic #lo-fi Relaxing Ambient Music with a movie like tone, Welcome to the Dead Fields. Relax within the rolling hills of blood daisies and stare up into …


Can you get a spark of energy and alertness from a simple 10 minute power nap? Yes, research supports the value of a power nap so here is a video that can help you gain the most from a 10 minute power nap.

#guidedmediation #meditation #sleep #health #yoga #spirituality

Get in a comfortable position. Snuggle in, and get ready for a 10min power nap.
Have a busy day? Didn’t sleep the best last night?
Power naps are an excellent way to reset when you don’t have much time.

My favorite power naps are car naps.
Where do you take your best naps?

This guided hypnotic meditation will get you down and relaxed in no time, wherever you might be, and have you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of your day in just 10 minutes.

Some famous afternoon nappers include: Albert Einstein, Salvador Dali, Aristotle, Morgan Freeman, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Thomas Edison, Ludwig Van Beethoven, and Benjamin Franklin.

A good power nap can give you sparks of inspiration, increase creativity, reduce stress and give you the ooomph you need to be productive for the rest of your day.

Or better yet take the rest of the day off, find a field of mushrooms and be lazy with some kitties.

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